GIS (Sketcher), Chatsworth, CA

  1. SCOPE: Construction sketching for the replacement of medium pressure mains and services related to pipe replacement project. All services performed will be in accordance with Company standards and procedures and will include:
  • Preparing Base Sketches utilizing GIS/GWD to show property ownership, substructures, and other preliminary information needed to plan the replacement, relocation or addition of main pipelines and services.
  • Planning through the use of Company’s SAP Construction Planning & Design module including the creation of Notifications, Construction Measures, and Compatible Planning Units.
  • Development of construction sketches utilizing GIS/GWD per Company’s sketching and mapping requirements. Sketches will identify required construction material; satisfy agency permitting requirements and ROW/easements; provide all necessary information for appropriate field construction; and meet Company reconciliation and mapping requirements.


  1. TRAINING: Company will provide training at Company location (PENDING) which is expected to take two (2) weeks.


  1. WORK LOCATION: Contractor planning and sketching personnel to be located in Chatsworth, Ca. or Santa Ana, Ca.



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