Grants Coordinator, Sacramento, CA

Grants Coordinator, Sacramento, CA


Under the general direction of the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s (Authority) Grant Manager and Rail Delivery Partner Deputy Grant Manager, the Senior Supervising Planner (Grants Coordinator) is responsible for a range of administrative activities in the oversight of the Authority’s $3.5 billion federal funding program. The Authority administers two federal grant sources of funds through the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)- a $2.55 billion High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and a $929 million HSIPR grant, funded by the FY 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act (FY 10). This position will support the Authority’s grant program which includes managing, monitoring and reporting on the Authority’s federal and state match to the grants, providing analysis and recommendations related to the administration of grants and matching funds, preparing and submitting progress reports and deliverables and supports the grant manager and federal liaison with other reporting as required.

The Grants Coordinator will conduct grant development research to identify and support the application for traditional and non-traditional grant and loan funding sources, including grant application development in collaboration with project staff. The position will coordinate with a number of Authority branches including grant fiscal operations related to grant accounting and financial data processing systems, project controls staff and other Sacramento, regional and field personnel.



Percentage     Job Description

Essential (E) /  Marginal (M)

40% (E): Coordinates, prepares, monitors and/or reviews requisite grant deliverables, quarterly reports, budget updates and revisions; coordinates agency-wide integration of grant requirements within the Authority’s departments/divisions and consulting teams.

30% (E):  Identifies traditional and non-traditional grant and loan funding sources, including grant application development and collaboration with stakeholders and project  partners; Researches and prepares written technical opinions on grant related issues based on state and federal law, regulations, policies and guidelines.

20% (M): Support financial coordination to ensure eligible of grant drawdowns and reimbursements, including review of contract files, invoices and other accounting reports and documentation as requested.

10% (E):  Monitors, interprets and communicates new federal regulations related to grant funding. Responsible for coordination of the Authority’s response to grantor oversight, monitoring and auditing activities.



Knowledge of: Federal competitive grant and loan programs; transportation planning and project management; transportation financing; factors which influence the impact of transportation   facilities on the environment, the community and the economy; grant management principles and practices, specifically those applicable to U.S. Department of Transportation competitive grant programs and loans; business analysis, budgeting and scheduling practices; contract development, review, administration and management.

Ability to: Administer an grant program; serve as liaison with internal agency Offices and Branches to clarify, interpret, and resolve issues and to plan work with others; judge work quality and schedule performance; prepare technical correspondence and complete, comprehensive reports; address an audience effectively; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective   course of action; communicate effectively; effectively contribute to the Department’s safety,   health, affirmative action and labor relations  objectives.



  • Reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex governmental problems;
  •  Analyze data and present ideas and information effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Review and edit written reports, utilize interdisciplinary teams effectively and establish and maintain project priorities;
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office suite applications, including operating a personal computer using word, spreadsheets and presentation software; Internet research and database programs;
  • Presentation skills; ability to prepare PowerPoint presentations, lead meetings and respond to technical inquiries;
  • Skill in analyzing and evaluating grant applications and proposed agreements;
  • Technical writing and proofreading skills, including ability to draft grant and contract language;
  • Problem solving, conflict resolution and analytical skills;
  • Experience with project scheduling;
  • Bachelor’s degree in appropriate discipline, plus five years of grant funded project experience;
  • Working knowledge of the federal guidelines and specific experience on U.S. Department of Transportation competitive grant programs;
  • Broad base of relevant technical knowledge and skills related to financial budget management;
  • Strong planning, administrative, organizational, personnel and budget management skills;
  • Ability to deal effectively with and represent requirements and grant interests to a wide range of internal stakeholders and others including basic negotiating skills;
  • Experience handling multiple projects simultaneously;






Errors in judgment or failure to carry out the responsibilities of this position could result in placing the Authority in violation of legislative and statutory requirements in the use of resources and exceeding of established expenditure ceilings. Good judgment and adequate analysis must be exercised to prevent incorrect data from being reported to many external entities. The incumbent is responsible for the delivery of projects/assignments within scope, schedule, and budget and to acceptable standards.



Employee will work in a climate-controlled office under artificial light. However, due to periodic problems with the heating and air conditioning, the building temperature may fluctuate. Employee may be required to travel.



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