Permitting Coordinator, Chatsworth, CA

Permitting Coordinator,

Chatsworth, CA



  • Clerks are responsible for preparing and maintaining applications for excavation permits and communicating to field personnel any and all associated requirements established by the municipalities within their service territory.
  • For all municipalities with special permit requirements, it is the responsibility of the clerk to document and maintain detailed instructions to cover these requirements.
  • Use the appropriate forms, letters, and applications required by municipalities for applying for excavation permits. Sketches and/or traffic control plans drawn to specifications are attached to the permit application when necessary and in the quantity required by the municipalities.
  • Track the return of permit applications from municipalities and to insure work is completed and /or permits are renewed before their expiration date. If a permit expires and the permit municipality will not extend it, prepare a new permit application for paving cuts.
  • It is also the clerk’s responsibility to identify when a permit is not required and update our records accordingly.



  • Planners will complete the paper forms in the field.
  • The clerks will manually post information, using CPD Reconciliation Console
  • The clerks will scan and attach the paper forms to the Work Order for record retention purposes.
  • The clerks will file the paper forms


Clerks are to do these Recon Tasks primarily in chronological order

  • Package Received Post-Requisites
  • Services Reconciled
  • Review NIAP GSO for CAP/O&M Accounting Treatment change
  • Reconcile Construction Sketch
  • As Built Materials Reconciled
  • Main Pipe Lot Info Reconciled
  • Complete Post – Requisite Tasks
  • Excavation Records Balance with Cut Sketch/Sheet
  • Create Excavation Records
  • Paving Repair Orders Created
  • Post Requisite Tax & Franchise – Completed
  • Bundle Operation Complete (80)
  • Finalize As Built Design


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