Construction Site for Gas Pipeline

Southern California Gas Company Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP) Wheeler Ridge Project

Kern County, CA

As part of the PSEP Program, Cordoba Corporation was assigned as Prime Contractor to work on the Wheeler Ridge Bundle comprising three projects involving 13 segments of a 17.6 mile built in 1910 pipeline located in Kern County. Project challenges include multiple taps, limited ROW, roadway crossings, substructure identification and coordination, adjacent power lines, re-routing alternatives and various permitting agencies.

Our work scope includes project management planning, design, selection of routing and configuration and construction layout planning, selection of pipe and fittings, structure work products, and schedule to comply with the SoCal Gas PSEP 7-Stage work process.

All natural gas transmission operators in the State of California have been ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to develop an Implementation Plan to cost-effectively test or replace all natural gas transmission pipelines in their system that have not been pressure-tested. As the owner of Southern California Gas (SoCal Gas), Sempra Utilities submitted a proposed Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP) Program to the CPUC that includes the testing and replacement of over a hundred miles of pipelines in Phase 1A at a cost of $900 M. Phase 1B will test or replace over two hundred miles at a cost of $1 billion.

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