At Cordoba Corporation human capital is our greatest asset. We invest significant time and effort in recruiting our employees and more so in building upon the value of these “assets” for the long-term. We endeavor to retain employees by creating an environment of employee satisfaction and a sense of ownership in the company’s mission. Our salaries and benefit packages are competitive and our support system is unparalleled. Additionally, we provide an internal education and professional training program demonstrating the desire to groom employees for promotion within.

Cordoba’s Blueprint for Success Program has been designed to create stronger employee retention experiences, increase career advancement opportunities, provide a vehicle for continuing education and professional training, and increase company-wide interactivity. The program provides participants with exposure to all facets of Cordoba Corporation’s business; from program/construction management and engineering design overviews to business marketing, new technologies and the basics of contract administration and finance.


In this 2018 Making a Difference video, Cordoba Corporation’s executives discuss Cordoba’s vision and involvement during the early planning stages of the Fruitvale Transit Village and the Los Angeles Metro Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2, as well as our early involvement in promoting the benefits of stormwater capture. The video discusses how these projects and concepts have now come to fruition and how they – and Cordoba Corporation – are Making a Difference.


Joined by his co-author David R. Ayon and seven of the 10 community leaders featured in Power Shift, Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla shares about his new book, Power Shift with the students of East Los Angeles College (ELAC) on October 23, 2018.   Featured in the video are officials from ELAC and Power Shift leaders, including Former LA City Council Member Richard Alatorre, LA City Council Member Gil Cedillo, Senator-elect Maria Elena Durazo, Former LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Former Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco, Former Congressman Edward Roybal, and Former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  George L. Pla is a proud alumnus of ELAC and this book event was especially important to him due to his roots in East Los Angeles and at ELAC.



This video includes highlights from the September 20, 2018 Power Shift book signing and reception hosted by Long Beach community leaders at Boathouse on the Bay. Speakers in the video include Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla, event host Carmen O. Perez, former Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, and two of the community leaders featured in Power Shift — former Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco and former Los Angeles City Council Member Richard Alatorre.


At a lovely reception on September 20, 2018 hosted by Long Beach community leaders at Boathouse on the Bay, Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla salutes several of the Long Beach community leaders in attendance and shares about his new book, Power Shift.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla‘s book Power Shift at an event he hosted with Los Angeles City Council Member Gil Cedillo at Los Angeles City Hall launching the book.

After an introduction from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Cordoba Corporation’s President & CEO George L. Pla shares about the inspiration for Power Shift.
Los Angeles Mayor Gil Garcetti, Power Shift co-author Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla, Power Shift co-author David Ayon, and several Latino community leaders featured in Power Shift share about Power Shift at a book launch at Los Angeles City Hall hosted by the Mayor and Council Member Gil Cedillo.

Cordoba Corporation Executive Vice President and COO Randall D. Martinez, Board Member of the National Museum of American History, is featured (starting at 55:59) providing closing remarks at the “Presidential Stories” program in the nation’s capital on April 8, 2018, commemorating the successful closing of the Smithsonian Institution’s multi-year $1.88 billion capital campaign.


Cordoba Corporation President & CEO George L. Pla, Co-Founder and President of the City Club, featured in New City Club Promotional Video.


George L. Pla Receives the Presidential Medal of Honor from Cal State Los Angeles


George L. Pla and Cal State Los Angeles Making A Difference


Moving the Space Shuttle Endeavor and ET-94


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Cordoba Corporation’s 30th Anniversary